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Cat. Converters

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Mustang Performance Exhaust Systems

Get huge performance gains and improve the sound of your Mustang with PaceSetter Mustang Headers or a Mustang Exhaust System. We feature a variety of Shorty Headers, Long Tube Headers, and Performance Exhaust Systems designed to fit your 1989 to 2010 Mustang. Increase the power of your Mustang with a pair of ceramic coated headers featuring ARMOR*Coat which helps cool your exhaust air, resulting in more horsepower. Our affordably priced headers and exhaust systems come with mandrel-bent tubing and CNC-machined, 3/8" thick flanges that are easy to install.

Mustang GT 4.6L Cat-Back Exhaust TFX Performance Axle-Back Exhaust Systems

These systems replace the mufflers on the 2005-2010 Mustang GT and V6 with larger volume (for less 'drone') high flow, fully welded POWER Mufflers. The 2-1/2" system is made with corrosion resistant aluminized steel and ends with polished and chrome plated stainless steel tips that will not corrode! Use stock hangers.

Year Model / Engine Part No.
05-10 GT / 4.6L 86-2924
05-10 V6 / 4.0L 86-2926*
  *Single POWER Muffler system with tip in stock location

Mustang H-Pipes
Mustang Off-Road "H" Pipes

2-1/2" 16-gauge aluminized tubing. Mandrel-bent. Fits stock manifolds or shorty headers. Works with manual and auto trans. For racing use only.

Year Engine Part No.
86-93 5.0L GT/LX 82-1110
94-95 5.0L GT 82-1112
96-98 4.6L GT, M/T 82-1114
99-04 4.6L GT 82-1117
  05-10 4.6L GT 82-1118
05-10 4.6L GT (Off Road H-pipe, use with 70-3232 long tube headers) 82-1122
05-10 4.6L GT (H-pipe with catalytic converters for long tube headers) 82-1123

Mustang X-Pipes
Mustang Cross-Over Off-Road X-Pipes

Cross-over pipes have been shown to deliver more power and a more powerful sound from your Mustang 5.0L or 4.6L. Cross-over design helps exhaust pulses scavenge each cylinder. PaceSetter Cross-Over Off-Road pipes are mandrel-bent from 2-1/2" diameter, 16-gauge aluminized tubing. Each fits 5-speed and automatic transmission applications.

Year Model Part No.
86-93 5.0GT / LX 82-1140
94-95 5.0L GT 82-1142
96-98 4.6L GT 82-1144
99-04 4.6L GT 82-1147
  05-10 4.6L GT 82-1149

Mustang Adapter 3.8L Mustang Cat-Back Adapter Kit

Get 10-12% more power from your V6. Kit adapts V8 Kat-Back system (see below) to '94 and later Mustang with 3.8L V6. Retains stock catalytic converters. 50-states legal. Contains adapter H-pipe, clamps, fasteners, hangers, and instructions. Cutting required. Welding recommended but not necessary.

Year Part No.
94-98 82-2920
99-04 82-2921

PaceSetter Performance Headers
              Header Part No.
Year Engine Tubing Dia. Collector Dia. Design Notes Y-, H-, X-Pipe Gasket
Part No.
Paint ARMOR*Coat
89-93 5.0L 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 82-1111 G7322 70-3226 72C3226
94-04 3.8L 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 82-1126 G7077 70-3220 72C3220
94-95 5.0L 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 82-1143 G7322 70-3227 72C3227
94-97 3.8L w/EGR 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 82-1126 G7077 70-3221 72C3221
96-04 4.6L 2V 1-5/8" 3" 82-1146 G3229 70-3230 72C3230
96-04 4.6L 4V 1-5/8" 3" 82-1146 G7326 70-3229 72C3229
01-04 3.8L w/EGR 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 82-1126 G7077 70-3221 72C3221
05-10 4.6L 1-3/4" 3" 82-1122
G7328 70-3232 72C3232
05-10 w/ cat converter 4.6L 1-3/4" 3" 82-1123 G7328 70-3232 72C3232
05-10 4.0L 1-5/8" 2-1/2" 82-1128 G7387 70-3236 72C3236