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Cat. Converters

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PaceSetter Garage Sale Items

Garage SALE Save money on returns, blemished items, discontinued and overstocked items! Check back often for great deals!

Catalytic Converters

Direct-Fit Manifold Converters

NEW - Direct-Fit Manifold Catalytic Converters PaceSetter has been designing and manufacturing quality-made, affordably priced performance exhaust systems and components since 1972. It's only natural that this expertise is now available to you in direct-fit catalytic converters.

Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters

Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters 'Pre-Cat' and 'Under-car' Direct-fit Catalytic Converters. These items are all NEW, check back often for new additions to this product line.

Performance Exhaust Components

Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters MONZA Hi-Flow Direct-Fit & Universal Catalytic Converters


Performance Headers

Truck Headers

PaceSetter Headers for Cars
A complete line of headers for sport compact cars with 4 and 6-cylinder engines. More applications available than from any other manufacturer. Featuring mandrel-bent tubing and thick steel flanges. All are availalbe with Armor*Coat, our 2000° metallic-ceramic coating.

PaceSetter Headers for Trucks

PaceSetter Headers for Trucks
A complete line of headers for foreign and domestic compact and light trucks, Jeeps and SUVs with 4 and 6-cylinder engines. Featuring mandrel-bent tubing and thick steel flanges. All are available with Armor*Coat, our 2000° metallic-ceramic coating.

PaceSetter Headers for American Muscle Cars

Late Model Muscle Car Headers
Quality manufactured and affordably priced, PaceSetter Long Tube Headers will wake up your late model muscle car without damaging your wallet.

long tube headers for trucks

Long Tube Headers for Trucks
Available for domestic full-size trucks and cars with V8 engines. All are available with ARMOR*Coat, our 2000 metallic-ceramic coating

Shorty and MidTube Headers for Pickups and SUVs

Shorty and MidTube Headers for Pickups and SUVs
For Domestic full-size trucks with V8 and V6 engines. Many are 50-states legal. All are available with Armor*Coat, our 2000° metallic-ceramic coating


Exhaust Systems & Components

MONZA Performance Exhaust Systems

MONZA Performance Exhaust Systems
One of the best-known brands of performance exhaust systems for sports and sport compact cars from Acura to Cavalier to Civic to Nissan to Triumph to Z-car and everything in between. More applications than any other manufacturer! Show-quality MONZA Premium Exhaust Tips included.

TFX Performance Kat-Back Systems

TFX Performance Exhaust Systems
Street-Legal Horsepower for your truck or SUV. Mandrel-bent for maximum flow efficiency.

Exhaust Systems for Muscle Cars

Late Model Muscle Car Ehaust Systems
PaceSetter Muscle Car Exhaust Systems feature mandrel-bent aluminized tubing that resists corrosion and fully-welded Power Mufflers that give that sweet sound of American Muscle!.

Mustang Performance Exhaust Systems, Headers and Components

Performance Exhaust for Mustangs

  • 50-states legal headers
  • Performance cat-back systems
  • Off-Road H-pipes
  • Off-Road X-pipes
  • V6 Adapter Kits
Performance Exhaust Systems for Camaro & Firebird

Performance Exhaust for Camaro/Firebird

  • Headers
  • Performance cat-back systems
Performance Exhaust Systems for Corvette

Performance Exhaust for Corvettes

  • Headers
  • Mufflers and muffler systems
  • Performance cat-back systems
Performance Products for Jeeps

Performance Products for Jeeps®
Increase the performance and efficiency of your Jeep or Cherokee with these specially-engineered products from PaceSetter.

Jeep is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler

MONZA Exhaust Tips

MONZA Premium Exhaust Tips
The perfect ending to any exhaust system, from stock to modified. Available in the classic MONZA dual resonator tip, BIG BORE with or without resonator, the BIGGEST BIG BORE and MONZA Stainless Styles for cars and trucks.

Performance Exhaust Components

Performance Exhaust Components

  • Stainless Steel Flex Joints for either clamp or weld-on applications.
  • MONZA Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters