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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Pacesetter?

Pacesetter has been designing and manufacturing quality Performance exhaust components for more than 45 years. We are constantly working on developing new applications and products to add to our already extensive line of Performance Headers, Catalytic Converters, Exhaust systems, and Components. We are able to offer these systems combining top quality materials, exact manufacturing, and affordable pricing. All products Made in the U.S.A.

Listed below are the questions and answers that we receive most often separated by category. Additional questions can be sent to us through the Contact Us page

  • General Information
  • PaceSetter Performance Headers
  • PaceSetter Catalytic Converters
  • MONZA / TFX Performance Exhaust Systems

General Info

How can I find someone near me who sells or can get me your product?

Pacesetter has an extensive network of shops, retailers and online sellers that carry our products. The fastest way to locate a seller nearby is by using our Reseller Locator. Not all resellers stock every one of our products. We recommend calling them before going there to check availability. Besides ArmorCoat Headers, you should be able to locate a reseller or online seller that stocks our products and can get it to you within a day if you are pressed for time. Be advised though that you may have to pay for expedited shipping to get it fast.

How can I get a printed copy of your catalog?

At this time, all printed catalogs and instructions are available on the PaceSetter download page. Once downloaded you can print them at your own will. If you require a specific printed catalog and cannot print. Please use the Contact Us page to send your request.

How do I get additional information on becoming a Pacesetter reseller or about buying Pacesetter products in bulk?

Becoming a Pacesetter reseller or purchasing in bulk requires certain business information and an application be processed first. To start the process and get access to our wholesalers portal, please first email sales@pacesetterexhaust.com and ask about becoming a reseller.

I bought my headers from pacesetter and need assistance, what should I do?

Pacesetter does not sell directly to the public.  You may have received your product directly from us as we ship direct for may vendors, however, we do not sell directly to the consumer.  You need to figure out who you bought it from via credit card receipt, online receipt or email confirmation if you received one and begin the process by contacting them.   We will always assist the end user with information and assistance, however, all warranty or return claims have to start by going to the store or website where you purchased the product.

I need to file a warranty claim. What should I do?

Depending on the type of part that you purchased determines the warranty offered.  Please see our specific warranties here.  To start any warranty process, we require proof of purchase and will request digital pictures of the issue if reasonably able to be taken.  

I think I bought the wrong part for my vehicle. What should I do?

Since we do not sell direct to the public, the first thing you should do is contact the company that you purchased from.  We ship directly to the buyer from our warehouse for many sellers.  Just because it was sent to you by Pacesetter does not mean you bought it directly from Pacesetter.

Performance Headers

What advantage is mandrel bent tubing over press bent?

TIn a mandrel bending process an internal form or mandrel, is pulled through the tubing during the bending process. This allows the diameter of the tube to stay constant all the way through the bend. When building a performance exhaust system, it is important that the tube diameter stays constant all the way through to provide a smooth, consistent exhaust flow. In a press bending process there is no mandrel used which allows the tube to collapse in at the bend, for example, if you were to press bend a piece of 2-1/4” diameter tubing it would be reduced down to a 2” or even less at the bends.

Will I need to buy anything else to install my new headers?

This is the answer to question 4.

Why does the use of Header Wrap or Heat Tape void my warranty?

The use of Header Wrap(Heat Tape) traps moisture within the wrap. This creates a reaction that begins the immediate deterioration of the steel header and accelerates the breakdown of the molecules of the steel that your product is constructed with. Typical breakdown occurs in under a year. Header wrap is commonly used on race cars because they put new headers on every season. Protect your investment, do not use Header Wrap. Using Header Wrap voids any warranties written or implied.

What kind of horsepower increase will I see by installing a Pacesetter Shorty header?

On an average, you can expect to see an approximate 5-8% power increase. With improved low to mid-range power and increased throttle response.

What kind of horsepower increase will I see by installing a Pacesetter Long Tube header?

Unleash the beast under your hood with Pacesetter Long Tube Headers.  PaceSetter Long Tube Headers have been powering American Muscle Cars for over 40 years!

Are Pacesetter headers Street Legal?

Not all Pacesetter headers are 50 states legal, check catalog design notes (11) or call for your specific application.

What types of finishes are available on Pacesetter headers?

PaceSetter Headers are available in your choice of two finishes, Uncoated or Armorcoat. The standard finish is uncoated, however, a protective black coating is applied to the header at the time of manufacture to protect it until it reached the customer. This is not a high temp finish and will burn off on first use. For a longer lasting finish, a high temp paint (VHT, etc) is recommended, but the black protective coating must be removed first

For maximum protection of your investment, we recommend our ArmorCoat, a polished high-temperature Metallic Ceramic Coating; this finish will resist rust and corrosion extending the life of the header. Armor*Coat reduces underhood temperatures. Allowing cooler air to enter into the intake plus less heat fatigue on the components adds additional benefits to protect your investment.

Will Pacesetter make me a set of custom headers?

As a manufacturer with an extensive product line, we do not have the facilities to do custom projects. We do manufacture private label systems for other companies. The minimum order for a new product run is 50 units. For inquiries contact sales at (602) 266-1964 x 505 or Contact Us.

Once installation of my headers is complete, is there anything I need to do to ensure the fit stays tight and they do not leak in the future?


What does pacesetter recommend for gaskets

This is the answer to question 3.

Catalytic Converters

Will I need to buy anything else to install my catalytic converter?

This is the answer to question 3.

Are your Catalytic Converters high performance?

Regardless of what other manufacturers may claim, there is no such thing as a high-performance converter.  Racing the number of cells per inch in a catalytic converter reduces the amount of back pressure that builds up,  Many claim this to be a high-performance feature.  In reality, it is reducing the surface area of the converter catalyst which contains the precious metal coating that your exhaust passes over reducing the harmful gasses.  

I live in California or New York and need a catalytic converter.  What do you have for me?

This is the answer to question 3.

How do I locate the engine family info and required data to figure out what converter I need for CA or NY?

This is the answer to question 3.

Can I use an aftermarket converter to replace a defective converter on my California registered vehicle that has OBD II?

Yes, providing the replacement converter has been approved for use on the vehicle by the California Air Resources Board. The converter must be listed for replacement on the specific vehicle and engine size in the manufacturer’s application catalog. It must also have the required markings and E.O. number on the converter body. Pacesetter California legal Catalytic Converters

Can a good catalytic converter be removed from a vehicle?

No. A functioning converter may never be removed from a vehicle. It is a violation that can cost the technician who does so a $2500 fine for each occurrence. If you remove the catalytic converter yourself, you are also subject to fines if caught.

Can pre-catalysts be removed from a car or truck?

No. Pre-cats are treated like any other catalytic converter and should not be removed unless they are defective. Pre-cat elimination converters can only be used when the pre-cat and main converters are bad. They must be approved for this type of use and should be used in accordance with the aftermarket catalytic converter manufacturer’s instructions.

I think I bought the wrong part for my vehicle. What should I do?

This is the answer to question 3.

Can I replace two converters with one aftermarket converter?(example: 1993 Ford F Series Pickup)

Yes, but only if the replacement unit has been approved for this and it is used in accordance with the aftermarket converter manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I install dual exhaust or dual catalysts on a vehicle?

No. This should not be done unless the vehicle originally came with a dual exhaust or dual catalyst configuration from the vehicle manufacturer. It has been allowed by the EPA in rare cases. It is best to check with the EPA or your local inspection program director.

My truck has an engine that is older or newer than the vehicle or a larger engine has been installed.
What type of converter, or does a converter need to be installed on this vehicle?

The guidelines say that a motor vehicle has to conform to its originally certified engine-chassis configuration. If an engine is switched, it must be identical to the original one being replaced. It would be best to consult the local inspection station or EPA before attempting any exhaust system work.

Can I replace a two-way converter with a three-way converter?

Yes, provided it has been tested for this type catalyst by the manufacturer in compliance with EPA aftermarket converter procedures

MONZA / TFX Performance Exhaust Systems

Are the Monza/TFX exhaust systems loud?

All Pacesetter exhaust systems and mufflers are designed for maximum flow and efficiency. All systems produce a nice sporty rumble with very minimal in-cab noise.

Will I need to buy anything else to install my exhaust system?

All Pacesetter exhaust systems come with all the necessary hardware and instructions needed for a complete installation.

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